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Wintry Soul

I was overtaken by a sudden icon making fever and so, here I am! Some winter themed lovelies for you today.


The Queen took from somewhere among her wrappings a very small bottle which looked as if it were made of copperCollapse )
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Last Call For Festive Icons!

Christmas is nearly here! If you haven't requested your festive icons yet, hop over to this post to do so. The offer is open until the 23rd so you still have a couple of days if you want to make a request :)

Festive Icons Offer!

Screen shot 2012-11-29 at 10.23.02 PM

It's one of my favourite parts of the holiday season - festive icons!

Due to time constraints I've had to pare down to 3 icons per person this year but hopefully 3 will be a charm :)

Comment with your theme, or comment "Santa I've been good!" if you want a surprise.

The rules:

  1. Icons are just for the person who requested them, so please don't adopt someone else's icons

  2. Nothing gross / gory / scary etc.

  3. No custom text or animation

  4. Fandom is ok but keep in mind that unless I'm familiar with the show / movie / book the results might be hit and miss

  5. Request festive-themed icons at your own risk - depending on how many requests I get, I might not get them all done before Christmas!

And that's it! Request away - I'm looking forward to making them for you :D
Many of the icons here were originally stored on an old hard drive I don't have any more, so once photobucket eats them (as it's bound to do since I'm not going to pay $300 for third party hosting), they're gone forever.

So I highly recommend saving any icons you want right now!

While we're on the subject, does anyone know of a good Photobucket replacement? As an icon maker, I need something that has the format "www.actuallyfreeimagehost.com/001.png." Many photo sharing sites assign random file extensions instead of letting me keep my own, and that makes uploading icons so much harder! So if you know of anywhere that will let me keep my own file extensions, let me know :)

025 // Sea Witch

Hello, remember me! I'm back with some new icons at last :)


I must go down to the sea againCollapse )
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Festive Icon Requests - Final Batch

Last ten! Thank you all for joining in - 95 icons overall! This year let's make it 100 :)

1-5: sapphire_heart
6-10: wendelah1

Under here!Collapse )
Funny-Christmas-Tree-Happy-Xmas-GIFIt's time for the final batch of festive icon requests! However, if you'd like your own icons, never fear - I'm leaving the request post open till midnight on Christmas Eve, so there's still time if you want some icons of your own.

1-5: anwyn_elfmaiden
6-10: flirting
11-15: earthspirits
16-20: kristy
21-25: littlemissnovel

Walking in a winter wonderlandCollapse )

Festive Icon Requests 3

Funny-Christmas-Tree-Happy-Xmas-GIF The third batch of festive icon requests is here! Would you like some icons under your tree for Christmas? I'm leaving the request post open till midnight on Christmas Eve, so there's still plenty of time to make a request.

1-5: nightofthecomet
6-10: cdayzee
11-15: ragnarok_08
16 - 20: becomes

A beautiful sight, we're happy tonightCollapse )

Festive Icon Requests 2

Funny-Christmas-Tree-Happy-Xmas-GIF Time for the second batch of icon requests! I'm leaving the request post open till Christmas Eve, so there's still plenty of time if you want to give the icon-elf your list.

1-5: prfctdaze
6-10: wretched
11-15: heyurs
16 -20: amaranthe

In the lane snow is glisteningCollapse )

Festive Icon Requests 1

Funny-Christmas-Tree-Happy-Xmas-GIFHo ho here they are! The first batch of festive icon requests. If you'd like to make a request of your own, just go here.mini-graphics-christmas-455781

1-5: atanone
6-10: littlemermaid
11-15: siduri
16-20: kehlen_crow

Sleighbells ring, are you listening?Collapse )